• Imagine a world that adapts to you
    ...so to speak
  • Komodo SLR Lenses

    the most adaptive lenses in the world
  • Fully responsive
    To you, and light itself
  • A myriad of uses
    in a myriad of situations
  • Komodo SLR Lenses

KomodoPro Sunglasses

The unique voltaic (solar powered) microchip in KomodoPro sunglasses reacts to prevailing light conditions and reduces glare INSTANTLY!!!

This makes them the best sunglasses ever designed and ideal for shooting, fishing, driving, skiing, golf and cycling.

Try a pair once and you will never look back!

Click here for info on prescription models.

This picture above shows the result of our ballistic lenses shot by a 12 bore shotgun at 20 yards with a 28gm size 7 shot.

Prescription models

Each pair of KomodoPro glasses is supplied with a polycarbonate inset frame. Should you need prescription lenses simply take the inset to your optician, have them fitted, then clip them back into the fitting mounted inside the frame.

This inset frame clips in and out easily, so there's no problem removing again later, should you need to change to a new prescription lens.

The unique sensor on the front of Komodo sunglasses detects the level of UV penetration and adjusts the lenses within a tenth of a second to allow clear vision.

As an example, if you were shooting, this means that you can track a bird into the sun, across the sun and around the sun and take a clear shot!

Available at an introductory offer of £224. Buy a pair today!

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